August 2016:       Lisa and Marina will make presentations at the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia

August 2016:       Sushma completes her dissertation and defense. Congrats Dr. Saraf!

July 2016:            Tatiana Soboleva returns as a PhD student

May 2016:             Michael Smith from Cal State Chico arrives as a summer intern

May 2016:             Kayla Plummer from Ithaca College arrives as a summer intern

May 2016:             Stacey completes her dissertation and defense. Congrats Dr. Anderson! 

March 2016           Lisa serves as external reviewer for Department of Chemistry at Univ. Idaho

Feb. 2016:            Hosted Bill Tolman for Olsen Lecture

Jan. 2016              Marina passes her oral exam - congrats!

Dec. 2015:            Tatiana Soboleva returns for a holiday visit to the Berreau Lab!

Sept. 2015:           Lisa becomes Executive Associate Dean, USU College of Science

July 2015:             Stacey’s ChemistryOpen paper on flavonol-based photoCORMs is published!

July 2015:             USU Research Catalyst (RC) proposal funded with Benninghoff lab!

May 2015:             Tatiana Soboleva from MSU-Mankato arrives as a summer intern

Nov. 2014             Sushma’s Organometallics paper on Ru flavonolato photochemistry is published!

July 2014:             Lisa becomes Interim Dean, USU College of Science

July 2014:             Lisa begins duties as Treasurer of ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry            

Dec. 2013:            Sushma is awarded a USU Dissertation Enhancement Grant!

Dec. 2013:            Caleb completes his dissertation and defense. Congrats Dr. Allpress!

Dec. 2013:            Lisa attends Zing Coordination Chemistry Conference in Mexico

Nov. 2013:             Lisa elected Treasurer of the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry  

Nov. 2013:            Christopher Williams awarded URCO grant

Oct. 2013:              Eric’s Inorg. Chem. paper is published. Congrats Eric!

Sept. 2013:            Lisa’s contribution “Zinc in Biology” to Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II,     

                               2nd Edition, is published.

July 2013:             New publication in Inorg. Chim. Acta. Congrats all!

June 2013:            Coord. Chem. Rev. article published! Congrats Caleb!

May 2013:             Eric graduates! Off to graduate school at UC-Davis (Engineering)

April 2013:            Berreau group at the New Orleans ACS Meeting

March 2013:          Jason Richards awarded URCO grant

Feb. 2013:             Stacey Anderson passes her oral exam. Congrats Stacey!

Feb. 2013:             Caleb is named USU College of Science PhD Researcher of the Year!

Jan. 2013:             Caleb’s J. Am. Chem. Soc. paper is published! Congrats Caleb!